Winnings & Prizes

If you are one of the lucky winners at, you will immediately be sent a message via e-mail.

The winner notification e-mail is sent to the e-mail address that you signed up with. As such it is very important that you provide the correct e-mail address when you sign up at Please contact customer service if you realize that you have made a typo or the like.

The winner e-mail is sent automatically when winners are drawn and also serves as a receipt. All winners have 14 days to claim their prize. After 14 days, all rights to the prize are lost.

At you must validate your winnings in order for them to be paid to you or sent to your address. This means that if you are, for instance, the winner of Joker lotto, you have 14 days to validate your account and/or contact customer service for further information.

The winners of the monthly draw will be published on and you can see who has won by clicking on 'Winners' in the menu.

NOTE: Your name and your winnings/prizes will be posted on the list of winners when your winnings/prizes are approved by

Please note that anyone who hits the right number combination in lotto automatically gets their winnings transferred to their account TAX FREE! At nobody has to share their prize with someone else.